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For Tenants

Whether pets are allowed in a rental property is specific to each property and the property owner’s preferences. Some properties may allow pets, while others may not. It’s always best to check the specific pet policy for the property you’re interested in. If pets are allowed, there may be additional pet fees or deposits required. Please contact us if you need further details about a specific property’s pet policy.

The policy on subletting varies from property to property, based on the terms of the individual lease agreements. Some leases may allow subletting with prior approval, while others might prohibit it entirely. It’s important to review your specific lease agreement or contact our office directly for clarification. If subletting is allowed, it typically requires written permission from Fox Group Properties to ensure that any new occupant meets our rental criteria.

At Fox Group Properties, we handle security deposits in accordance with North Carolina state laws. When a tenant moves in, we collect a security deposit that is typically equivalent to one month’s rent. This deposit is held in a trust account for the duration of the lease.

The purpose of the security deposit is to cover any potential damages to the property (beyond normal wear and tear), unpaid rent, or other obligations under the lease agreement.

When a tenant moves out, we conduct a thorough inspection of the property. If there are no damages and all terms of the lease have been met, we return the full security deposit to the tenant. If there are damages or unpaid rent, we deduct the necessary amount from the security deposit before returning it.

The specific timeline for returning the security deposit after a tenant moves out is governed by state law. In North Carolina, a landlord has 30 days to return the deposit or provide an interim accounting, if the final amount cannot be determined yet. If there are deductions, we provide an itemized list of these deductions to the tenant.

Yes, at Fox Group Properties, we have made the process of paying rent very convenient for our tenants. You can pay your rent online through our tenant portal, which is accessible 24/7. This ensures a quick and secure way to make payments from anywhere at any time. All you need to do is log into your account and follow the prompts to pay your rent. If you have any issues or need assistance with setting up your online payment, please feel free to contact us.

At Fox Group Properties, we typically begin the lease renewal process 60 to 90 days prior to the end of the current lease term. We evaluate the market conditions including current rental rates and the tenant’s history such as payment record and care for the property.

If it is determined to proceed with a lease renewal, we’ll reach out to the tenant with a new lease agreement. If the tenant agrees to the terms, they will sign and return the agreement to continue their tenancy.

If the tenant decides not to renew, we will then begin the process of marketing the property to minimize vacancy time. Please note that specific policies may vary and are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual lease agreement.

At Fox Group Properties, we strive to make the moving out process as smooth as possible. Here’s our standard procedure:

Notice: You should provide us with a written notice of your intention to move out, typically 30-60 days in advance, according to what’s stipulated in your lease agreement.

Move-Out Instructions: Once we receive your notice, we’ll send you detailed move-out instructions. This includes how to leave the property, guidelines for cleaning, and any necessary repairs.

Inspection: After you’ve vacated, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess its condition.

Security Deposit: If there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear and no outstanding charges or unpaid rent, we’ll return your security deposit within the time frame mandated by North Carolina law. If there are charges or damages, they will be deducted from your security deposit.

Forwarding Address: Don’t forget to provide us with your new forwarding address so we can send you any correspondence or your security deposit return.

Remember, each lease might have specific terms that need to be followed, so it’s important to review your lease agreement or contact us directly if you have any questions about the moving out process.

For any maintenance requests or emergencies, you can contact us directly through our online tenant portal where you can submit your request. This portal is monitored 24/7, ensuring your requests are promptly addressed. In case of extreme emergencies like a fire or a major water leak, please call 911 immediately before informing us. If you have any issues accessing the portal or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our office at (704) 677-1999.

For Owners

We aim to ensure that you receive your rent payments as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we collect the rent from tenants, we process it and then distribute the funds directly into your designated bank account. This typically happens by the 10th of each month, but could vary slightly based on weekends and holidays. We also provide a monthly statement detailing the financial performance of your property, which you can access anytime through our online owners portal.

At Fox Group Properties, we determine the rental price for your property by conducting a comprehensive market analysis. This involves looking at several factors:

Location: The location of your property plays a significant role in determining its rental price. Properties in popular or highly sought-after areas typically command higher rents.

Property Size and Features: The size of your property, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as any special features it has, such as a garage, a yard, or high-end appliances, can affect its rental value.

Market Trends: We also analyze current market trends, including the rental prices of comparable properties in your area and the overall supply and demand for rental properties.

Property Condition: The condition of your property can also impact its rental price. Well-maintained properties generally fetch higher rents.

By taking all these factors into account, we can set a competitive rental price for your property that maximizes your income while also ensuring it doesn’t sit vacant for extended periods.

As a landlord, you typically need a landlord insurance policy (also known as rental property insurance) for your rental property around Lake Norman. This covers property damage, liability costs, and loss of rental income among other things. However, it’s best to consult with an insurance professional to understand the specific requirements for your property.

Fox Group Properties offers a wide range of property management services including but not limited to:

Tenant Placement: We help find high-quality tenants for your property and handle everything from marketing, to applications, background checks and lease signing.
Rent Collection: We ensure timely rent collection, handle any payment issues and provide you with a monthly statement of your property’s financials.

Property Maintenance: We handle all maintenance needs of your property, including routine inspections and emergency repairs.

Legal Guidance: We ensure your property is in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, and we can also assist with eviction process if necessary.

Financial Reporting: We provide comprehensive financial reporting, allowing you to keep track of your investment’s performance.

Customer Service: We offer excellent customer service to both property owners and tenants, handling all inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.

In the unfortunate event that an eviction becomes necessary, Fox Group Properties follows all local and state laws to protect your interests. The process generally involves:

  1. Issuing a notice to the tenant about the violation or unpaid rent.
  2. If the tenant fails to rectify the situation within the stipulated time, we file for an eviction order with the court.
  3. Once we have the court order, we coordinate with law enforcement to remove the tenant if they haven’t vacated voluntarily.
  4. After eviction, we handle the process of preparing the property for the next tenant.

Please note that these steps can vary based on local regulations and the specifics of the situation. We aim to make this process as smooth as possible to minimize losses and find a new tenant quickly.

At Fox Group Properties, we have a strict policy for rent collection. Rent is due on the 1st of every month and is considered late if not received by the 5th. If a tenant fails to pay by the deadline, we initiate the following steps:

Late Fee Application: We apply an appropriate late fee as stated in the lease agreement.

Notice of Late Payment: We issue a notice to the tenant indicating their rent is overdue and that a late fee has been applied.

Eviction Notice: If the rent remains unpaid, we may issue an eviction notice in accordance with local and state laws.

Legal Proceedings: If necessary, we will initiate legal proceedings to evict the tenant and recover unpaid rents.

Throughout this process, we ensure all actions are taken in accordance with local and state laws to protect your rights as a property owner.

At Fox Group Properties, we take our tenant screening process very seriously to ensure we find reliable and responsible tenants for your properties. The process includes the following steps:

Application: Prospective tenants are required to fill out a detailed application form where they provide information about their employment, income, and residential history.

Credit Check: We conduct a credit check to understand the financial responsibility of the applicant. This gives us a clear picture of their ability to pay rent on time.

Background Check: A thorough background check is performed which includes criminal history, eviction history, and more.

Employment Verification: We verify the employment status of the applicant to ensure they have a steady source of income.

Reference Checks: We contact previous landlords or property managers to inquire about the applicant’s behavior as a tenant.

Income Verification: We require proof of income, such as pay stubs or tax returns, to ensure the applicant’s income is at least three times the monthly rent.

This comprehensive tenant screening process helps us select high-quality tenants for your property, reducing the risk of issues down the line.

At Fox Group Properties, we handle maintenance requests in a prompt and efficient manner. Tenants can submit their maintenance requests through our online portal that operates 24/7. Once we receive a request, we review it and dispatch our skilled maintenance team or trusted vendors as soon as possible to resolve the issue. In case of emergencies, we have measures in place to respond immediately to ensure the safety and comfort of our tenants. All repairs and maintenance work are carried out in compliance with the lease agreement and local regulations.

At Fox Group Properties, we handle lease violations very seriously and proceed with them in strict accordance to the terms of the lease agreement and local and state laws. Here’s our general process:

Notification: Once a lease violation is identified, we promptly notify the tenant in writing about the breach and demand for corrective action. This notification clearly outlines the nature of the violation.

Grace Period: Depending on the violation, we may provide a grace period for the tenant to correct the issue. For example, if it’s a matter of an unauthorized pet, they’ll be given some time to find it a new home.

Inspection: We conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure compliance.

Further Action: If the violation persists past the grace period, we proceed with further actions which could include levying fines as per the lease agreement, or even eviction proceedings in severe cases.

Legal Proceedings: If it comes to eviction, we adhere strictly to state and local laws and regulations to protect your interests.

Throughout this process, we keep you informed while ensuring your property is being cared for and lease terms are being respected.

We employ an online system where tenants can conveniently pay their rent 24/7. This system aids in timely collection and quick resolution of any payment issues. Once the rent is collected, it’s processed and directly deposited into your designated bank account. Rent is typically due on the 1st of every month and late if not received by the 5th. If a tenant fails to pay by the deadline, appropriate late fees are applied and we follow a strict, legal process for rent collection. You will receive a monthly statement detailing all the financials.

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